EcoLAMS Consulting

We know that sometimes, even if you have the best intentions, there are several obstacles that you may encounter when converting your company into a sustainable and environmentally friendly company. Bureaucratic issues play a major role in delaying such a decision by a company, as well as the false belief that organic products are not effective.

That is why we have created our own Ecosystem, where you will feel accompanied throughout the process and advised by our experts.

Your climate agenda

We help you with your transition to an Ecofriendly company by helping you create your own climate agenda where we will establish the steps your business needs to take.

Public Procurement

Public EcoProcurement is a European Union strategy that promotes sustainable consumption and production through public procurement based on environmental criteria.

Are you going to bid for a tender? We help you in the process.

Sustainable use of our products

For us, it is very important that you or your employees know how to use our products, as this has a direct impact on product sustainability, energy and cost savings for your company. In addition to achieving the desired efficiency.

That is why we guarantee you specific training with our specialists. We have a training room at our facilities, and we also conduct videoconferences.

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