ECOTECH POLISH Eco Soapy Wood Cleaner – Professional

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Ecological neutral cleaner with a pleasant fragrance that effectively cleans and polishes parquet, wooden floor or varnished wood surfaces. Suitable for the food industry.

Available in 1L and 5L format.



Instructions for use

Dilute at a rate of 0.2 to 0.5% and increase the proportion of product according to the degree of soiling. No need to clarify.

Proper dosing and cleaning with cold water will save money and reduce the environmental impact.

European Ecolabel

Product certified with the European Ecolabel: ES-V/020/001

  • Limited impact on the aquatic environment.
  • Restricted quantity of hazardous substances.
  • Proven cleaning results.



Proper dosing saves money and reduces the impact on the environment

We must follow the instructions for use of each product, as they will help us to perform the cleaning task in the most efficient way, reduce environmental pollution and optimize cost control.

Proven efficacy.

The Ecolabel eco-label ensures the cleaning efficacy of all certified products in the European Union. Our Ecotech Polish neutral cleaner has passed the efficacy test carried out by an independent laboratory, through a proper and justifiable test comparing the eco-friendly cleaner with a conventional market leading cleaner.

Recycled plastic packaging.

The 1L bottle of Ecotech Polish is made from 25% post-consumer plastic from the yellow recycling garbage can. This is our commitment to the circular economy and the reuse of waste.

Reduction of packaging waste.

Our packaging is eco-designed to optimize and save space during transport and storage, achieving a 75% reduction in the Bag in box range. In addition, the weight-to-use ratio of the container is an environmental requirement that adjusts the amount of plastic in the container to the content and dosage of the cleaner, thus ensuring waste reduction at the end of its use.


Chemical name Function Feature
AQUA Solvent Water is a limited resource, so our products are concentrated to use as little water as possible in our formulas.
SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE Anionic surfactant Of vegetable origin from sustainable sources (RSPO). Highly biodegradable.
GLYCERETH-17 COCOATE Non-ionic surfactant Of vegetable origin from sustainable sources (RSPO). Low level of dermal and ocular irritability. Highly biodegradable.
SODIUM CITRATE Calcium sequestering additive Derived from citric acid that degrades naturally into 100% biodegradable compounds when it reaches the environment.
POTASSIUM OLEATE Anionic surfactant Of vegetable origin, it generates a creamy foam. Low level of dermal and ocular irritability. Highly biodegradable.
PARFUM Perfume Floral perfume, manufactured according to IFRA code of good practice standards, free of allergens.
SODIUM BENZOATE Preservative Cosmetic preservative, effective against most fungi, yeasts and bacteria.
COLORANT Dye Food coloring.



  • Our formulas are free of sensitizing substances.
  • It does not include in its formula quaternary ammonium salts, phosphorus or certain substances or compounds with a hazard classification indicated by the European Union ecolabel regulations.
  • It does not contain more than 6% of volatile organic compounds.

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1L, 5L

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