BLACK IS GREEN™ Polypropylene Spreader


High quality Haragan! 55×13 cm polypropylene.

Effortless efficiency: Removes dust, dirt and spills in an instant.

Total versatility: Ideal for any surface in your home.

Guaranteed durability: Built to withstand constant use.

Intelligent design: Easy handling for convenient and fast cleaning.

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Dimensions 55 x 13 [cm]
Unit weight 190 [g]
Recycled material content 64.7%
Backing: Regenerated polypropylene
Thread: Regenerated polypropylene
Muss: Aerstop black color
Technical characteristics Muss
Composition: closed-cell natural rubber foam
Thickness: mm. 10
Solvent resistance: good
Resistance to vegetable and animal oils: good
Alkali resistance: good
Resistance to diluted acids: good
Operating temperature: -20° C + 100° C.

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