Hand towels – 6 rolls x 190 m white, 1 layer (1,140 m total).

Scott® hand towels are softer, more absorbent and more absorbent.
stronger than conventional towels and provide consistent quality
at an affordable price. These hand towels feature the
certified to be in contact with food and are ideal for food processing.
use in crowded restrooms, hygiene stations and contact areas with

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High-capacity solution in a compact roll enables
reduce the need for refills and prevent the product from running out, which
contributes to increased time efficiency and user satisfaction.

Airflex™ technology ensures that the towels are ultra-absorbent,
especially compared to conventional paper towels.
The Airflex™ fabric maintains strength when wet, which
prevents them from softening or tearing, while preserving their
soft and comforting texture. Air compression technology offers
up to 18% more paper towels per package.

Scott® hand towels have been awarded the European Ecolabel, which guarantees
that are manufactured responsibly at every step of the process.

Individual blade size: 19, 8 cm (W).
6 rolls x 190 m white, 1 layer (1140 m total).

1. 6 rolls x 190 m white, 1 layer (1140 m in total)
2. These hand towels are certified as safe for use with
food-grade and are suitable for use in very large washrooms.
and contact areas, hygiene stations, and areas of contact with
3. Manufactured with our exclusive Airflex™ Technology. Smooth,
resistant and highly absorbent, even when wet.
4. Incorporates the European Ecolabel
5. High-capacity solution in a compact roll for less
maintenance, and less product depletion and

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