Replacement Loop Mop 40cm


Replacement mop 40 x 11 cm.

It allows trapping and retaining more dirt inside the structure, thus avoiding the dispersion of

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Loop Ecl’ white microfiber refill cm 40, with colored h&l fst, label and gripper eyelet.

Product classification:

Microfiber refill with
Hook & Loop Fasteners
Nr. EU Ecolabel License : IT/016/042


Microfiber: 100% Polyester
H&L FST: 100% Polyamide
Grip eyelet: 100% Polyester
Eco-label: 100% polyester
Sewing thread: 100% Polyester

Technical data:

Dimensions: 40×11 cm
Weight (g): 85 ± 2%.
Max. length: 45 cm
Max width: 13 cm
Max. temperature washing: 60ºC
Microfiber yarn: 0.6424 dtex
4. Area of employment: 5. Dirt level:
6. Surface typology:


It can be used on all surfaces, wet and damp, and especially in the pre-wetting system.
washing machine and bucket impregnation

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