Reusable Compostable Compostable CPLA Spoon

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Fully compostable and reusable white CPLA spoon. Dishwasher safe and dishwasher safe.
in microwave oven.

Presentation to choose between: Pack of 100 pcs. or Box of 1,000 pcs.


Description: Reusable Compostable Reusable CPLA Spoon
Weight: 3.2 g
Size: 128mm x 28mm
Color: White
Material: CPLA (Plant Based MIP)


BPI, OK Compost, Din Certco, FDA Food Grade Testing. TUV reusability certificate.

Transport and storage: Keep in a dry and cool place, humidity below 75% and temperature below 40ºC. Avoid
direct sunlight and handle with care in case of transport.

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Package of 100 pcs., Box 1,000 pcs.

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