WYPALL® Cellulose food and hygiene wipes


Cellulose food and hygiene wipes – 6 rolls x 800 blue 1-ply sheets (4,800 total).

Regardless of the surfaces with which they come into contact in the course of the
throughout the day, provide your employees and visitors with greater peace of mind by
to provide them with proven hygiene solutions based on cleanliness and
disinfection in the workplace to break the chain of infection.
transmission of germs. Cellulose wipes products
WypAll® L10 professionals are designed for the most demanding environments.
to be used, in order to perform to the best of their capabilities in their
cleanliness at all times.

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WypAll® L10 Blue Central Dispensing Food and Hygiene Rolls


These disposable cellulose wipes in roll form
The blue central dispensing units are 1-layer, with a medium-high capacity.
and come with 800 disposable cellulose wipes per blue roll. The brand
WypAll® engraving increases the strength of the sheet due to the bonds
of single pattern layers across the entire surface of the sheet, in addition to
improve the look and feel of each sheet of WypAll® L10 blue roll.

The blue roll is also designed to be easily recognizable
in critical contamination environments. The design of these rolls of
The central dispensing system is designed to facilitate portability and
light cleaning of areas such as food and service counters. The
technology on cellulose cloths provides these cloths with
cleaning cloths a great value/performance ratio.
They can be used once with detergent or disinfectant. It has been proven
that these dry wiping cloths are suitable for use in dry cleaning applications.
spraying and wiping with peracetic acid wipes, peracetic acid peroxide, peracetic acid
hydrogen and quats (quaternary ammonium compounds).

Compatibility with spraying and wiping ensures that the following are guaranteed
that workers can clean their own workspaces, vehicles,
desks, seating, and food preparation areas before and after
of its use. Spraying and wiping also help to remove the bacteria.
production workers to clean and disinfect the production stations.
individual work before moving on to the next shift. For environments
where a thoroughly soaked cleaning is a requirement, it has been
these rolls of WypAll® wipes have been tested and found to be suitable for use with
with soap and detergent.

Always follow the instructions for dilution, application and exposure time.
indicated by the manufacturer.

Single sheet size: 38 cm (L) x 19.5 cm (W).
6 rolls x 800 blue 1-ply sheets (4,800 total).

1. Each WypAll® L10 blue central dispensing roll contains 800
cellulose cloths with engraving.
2. Dry cleaning cloths designed for hygienic cleaning.
lightweight and perfect for cleaning food and service counters.
3. WypAll® engraved marking increases blade strength
due to single-pattern layered links throughout the
leaf surface.
4. Rolls of center-dispensing wipes designed for use with
with central dispensing dispensers; compatible with the
Aquarius™ central roll dispenser.
5. Single-use cellulose paper, suitable for contact with
food; WypAll® engraved mark improves the look and feel
of each sheet of paper cloths.

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