BLACK IS GREEN™ 2P Mini Trolley


Mini trolley with 2 buckets of 15L each, press and tray.

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690 x 495 x 910 h [mm] (Maximum size)
Net weight 9.26 [kg]
Recycled material content: 55.5
Recycled plastic content of the components:

European waste codes from which the recycled material originates:
EWC 070213 Plastic waste
EWC 150102 Plastic packaging waste
EWC 160119 Plastic waste

Packing dimensions 790 x 440 x 530 h [mm]
Packing volume 0.184 [m3]

Gross weight 10.91 [kg]

Trolley base (complete) Material: Recycled polypropylene
Press support Material: Recycled polypropylene
Wheels (4 pcs.) 80mm diameter, swivel
Material: Metal bracket, thermoplastic rubber cover
Bumpers (4 pcs.) Material: Polypropylene
Bucket lt. 15 (1+1 pc.) Material: Recycled Polypropylene
Handle: Polypropylene

Slide tray Material: Recycled polypropylene
Tray support Anti-corrosion treatment: Gray painting
Material: Steel E235 + CR1
Bracket closure, bracket plate: Recycled polypropylene
Shaft: acetal resin

Kinetic Material Press:
Handle: anodized aluminum
Knob: black PP
Knob cover: PP black
Knob fastening clips: PP black
Axle: aluminum
Body: polypropylene
Supports: recycled polypropylene
Splash guards: polypropylene
Zippers: acetal resin
Toothed sections: acetal resin
Mould blocks (all): acetal resin
Regulator: PP + PV
Rollover stop: PP 30% FV
Spring, bolts, cap nut, washer: steel

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