ECOTECH CUCUMBER Eco multi-purpose and glass cleaner

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Ecological cleaner for glass and all types of polished surfaces that cleans without streaks and with a pleasant long-lasting fragrance. Especially suitable for removing fingerprints and stains from glass, mirrors, modern furniture, tiles and stainless steel. Suitable for food industry.

Available in 1L and 5L format.




When using the product, it is interesting to know that:

  • Spraying too much will create a film that is costly to remove. On the contrary, by applying the right dosage, you facilitate cleaning and increase the duration of the product.
  • Due to its neutral pH, you can clean any washable surface with Ecotech Cucumber, from glass and mirrors to modern furniture.
  • Ventilate before cleaning and you will prevent dust from settling back on the furniture. In this way you air and sanitize the room.
  • If you have children, try using Ecotech Cucumber on surfaces stained with their fingerprints and see how effective it is.

European Ecolabel

Product certified with the European Ecolabel: ES-V/020/001


  • Limited impact on the aquatic environment.
  • Restricted quantity of hazardous substances.
  • Proven cleaning results.


Proper dosing saves money and reduces the impact on the environment

The instructions for use are clear and concise to avoid unnecessary use of product, achieving optimum results and shine, without leaving streaks or traces of chemical products on the surfaces and reducing, in turn, the amount of residues in the wash water.

Proven efficacy.

Products with the Ecolabel have been tested for their suitability for use by demonstrating the cleaning effect by means of an appropriate and justifiable test in an independent laboratory. Ecotech Cucumber has been compared to a leading non-organic cleaner in the market, obtaining cleaning results above the conventional product.

Reduction of packaging waste.

Our packaging is eco-designed to optimize and save space during transport and storage, achieving a 75% reduction in the Bag in box range. In addition, the weight-to-use ratio of the container is an environmental requirement that adjusts the amount of plastic in the container to the content and dosage of the cleaner, thus ensuring waste reduction at the end of its use.

Recycled plastic packaging.

The 1L bottle of Ecotech Cucumber is made from 25% post-consumer plastic from the yellow recycling garbage can. This is our commitment to the circular economy and the reuse of waste.


Chemical name Function Feature
AQUA Solvent Water is a limited resource. For this reason, our products are concentrated in order to use as little water as possible in our formulas.
ETHANOL Solvent The phthalate-free bioalcohol is sustainably obtained from sugar beets.
PROPYLENE GLYCOL Solvent Readily biodegradable ingredient that strengthens the formula and helps to remove dirt.
CAPRYLYL GLUCOSIDE/DECYL GLUCOSIDE Non-ionic surfactant Of vegetable origin from sustainable sources (RSPO). Mild in nature, it reduces irritation caused by other surfactants.
PARFUM Perfume Floral perfume, manufactured according to IFRA code of good practice standards, free of allergens.
TETRASODIUM IMINODISUCCINATE Calcareous sequestrant Obtained from renewable sources, it prevents the sedimentation of salts on surfaces.



  • Our formulas are free of sensitizing substances.
  • It does not contain preservatives in its formula. It was designed so that the product’s own ingredients maintain the integrity of the formula.
  • It does not include in its formula quaternary ammonium salts, phosphorus or substances or compounds with a hazard classification indicated by the Ecolabel regulations of the European Union.
  • It does not contain more than 6% of volatile organic compounds.
  • Ammonia-free, to avoid harmful vapors.

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1L, 5L

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