SANILIVE® LAVAMATIC Eco Dishwasher Detergent Concentrate

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Concentrated detergent for industrial dishwashing machines, from
high cleaning power and low foaming. Special for areas of
medium to hard water. Due to its powerful formulation, it easily removes
organic residues and dirt. Due to its properties, it does not
presents corrosion problems in the power supply circuit.
Contains sequestering agents to prevent scaling
and wetting surfactants.
Does not contain phosphates. Suitable for the food industry.


Available in 5L and 20L format.



Detergent for industrial dishwashing machines. Hardness between 0 and 40 ºHf with European Ecological certificate (ECOLABEL).

Instructions for use:

For water whose hardness is between 0 and 40 ºHF. At
Under optimal conditions, 1 g of product can sequester up to 30 ºHF.
For washing in continuous-flow machines (batch loading) and
normal feeding machines.
Normal working temperature 45-60 ºC.


– Amphoteric surfactants: less than 5 %.
– Phosphonates: less than 5%.
– Sodium hydroxide: between 15% and 30%.


From 0.4 to 1.5 g of
product per liter of bath
depending on the degree and type
of dirt, the hardness of the
water and machine type.

Technical Data:

– Appearance: Liquid
– Color: Yellow
– Odor: Own
– pH value (at 20ºC): 13 ± 1
– Density: 1.3 Kg/L


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5L, 20L

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