ECOTECH TOILET Eco Foam Toilet Cleaner


Ecological descaler in acid pH foam that removes lime and rust stains from all types of washable surfaces. Its biodegradable ingredients from organic farming, such as acetic acid from garlic vinegar, eliminate calcareous incrustations, protecting the surfaces to be cleaned, as well as our health since, despite its acidic nature, Ecotech Toilet does not harm the skin or emit the toxic fumes that conventional descalers generate. Suitable for use in the food industry.

Available in 1L format.



Instructions for use

Spray directly on the surface to be cleaned, rub and rinse. In case of lime scale, leave for 5 minutes and remove with a damp cloth. On delicate surfaces test the product to make sure it does not damage the materials.

European Ecolabel

Product certified with the European Ecolabel: ES-V/020/001

  • Reduced impact on aquatic life
  • Reduced use of hazardous substances
  • Reduced packaging waste
  • Clear instructions for use


Proper dosing saves money and reduces the impact on the environment

The Ecotech Toilet’s foam spray controls the dosage and facilitates the cleaning of vertical surfaces.

Proven efficacy.

Products with the Ecolabel have been tested for their suitability for use by demonstrating the cleaning effect by means of an appropriate and justifiable test in an independent laboratory. Ecotech Toilet has been compared to a leading non-ecological descaler in the market, obtaining cleaning results above the conventional product.

Eco-designed packaging.

Eco-designed packaging to save space during transport and storage, achieving a 75% reduction with the 3R Ecosystem range.

Reduction of packaging waste.

Ecotech Toliet is an environmentally friendly product from the inside of its formula to the outside of its packaging. The weight/usefulness ratio of the container is an environmental requirement that adjusts the amount of plastic in the container to the content and dosage of the cleaner. This ensures the reduction of packaging and plastic as waste.


Chemical name Function Feature
AQUA Solvent Water is a limited resource, so our products are concentrated to use as little water as possible in our formulas.
CITRIC ACID Adjuvant that helps to remove limescale Ingredient that upon reaching the environment degrades naturally into 100% biodegradable compounds.
COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE Amphoteric surfactant Of vegetable origin from sustainable sources (RSPO). Highly biodegradable.
ACETIC ACID*. Adjuvant Free of strong acids and toxic vapors. The responsible for the descaling action is acetic acid from organic vinegar.
*From organic farming.
PARFUM Perfume Pine fragrance, manufactured according to IFRA code of good practice standards, free of allergens.
COLORANT Dye Food coloring.



  • Our formulas are free of sensitizing substances.
  • It does not contain preservatives in its formula. It was designed so that the product’s own ingredients maintain the integrity of the formula.
  • It does not include in its formula quaternary ammonium salts, phosphorus or certain substances or compounds with a hazard classification indicated by the European Union ecolabel regulations.
  • It does not contain more than 6% of volatile organic compounds.
  • Ammonia-free, avoiding harmful vapors.

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