HOSTESS™ NATURA™ Interfolded Hand Towels Green


Interfolded Hand Towels Green – Disposable Paper – 12 clips.
Each disposable hand dryer clip contains 318 pieces of 1-ply interleaved green paper.

Provides a consistent and practical experience with Hostess™ washroom solutions designed to
to deliver quality and cost-effectiveness in the workplace. The Hostess™ NATURA™ green folded hand dryers.
are made from 100% recycled fiber and the packaging is plastic-free. These green hand dryers
The 1-layer recycled materials are FSC-certified and have been awarded the European Ecolabel for the protection of the environment.

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Interleaved or W-folded paper is designed for
dispense the units one at a time. This method of dispensing
single sheet is designed for improved hand hygiene
minimizing the risk of contamination when drying the hands, since the
The user only touches the hand wiping paper used.

The dispensing of green hand towels one at a time is also
designed to improve profitability, since the user only picks up those that
you need to dry your hands.

Each recycled hand dryer measures 18.6 cm (L) x 21.6 cm (W). 12 x 318 1-layer green sheets
(3,816 in total).

1. Each disposable hand dryer clip contains 318 units of
1-ply green interleaved paper.
2. Folded Hostess™ NATURA™ hand dryers are a solution.
practical, consistent and economical.
3. Green hand dryers with W-fold, manufactured with 100 % of
of recycled fiber.
4. We do not use plastic to package these hand dryers.
5. The inter-folded design of the hand-washing papers allows the
single-sheet dispensing to reduce waste and
promote good hygiene.
6. FSC-certified and eco-labeled recycled hand dryers
to protect the environment.

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