Central Dispensing Toilet Paper Dispenser ECO-LUXE white


Toilet paper dispenser with central dispensing system made of 100% recycled plastic, white color. ECO-LUXE Line

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– This dispenser from the ECO-LUXE line is made of
entirely made of 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC with a
eye-catching design combining smooth and rough surfaces
for an experience that is pleasing to the eye and touch.
– Controlled dispensing system. Central dispensing.
– For its correct use, you must remove the cannula from the roll of
paper before placing it inside the dispenser.
– Standard LOSDI security key
supplied with the product.


Brand: LOSDI
Material: 100% recycled plastic.
Empty weight: 0.445 kg.
Closure: Plastic lock and key.
Coil height: 100 mm.
Coil diameter: between 190 mm and 208 mm.
Service cutting length: between 250 mm and 300 mm.
Dosage: Manual.
Dimensions: x: 253 mm; y: 253 mm; z: 121 mm.

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