KLEENEX® 250 Toilet paper rolls


Toilet paper – 96 small rolls x 250 white 2-ply sheets (24,000 total).

Kleenex® toilet papers are the soft, strong, absorbent 2-ply toilet paper for any business.
These papers are designed to dissolve and decompose in water to prevent clogging and reduce the amount of water in the water.
the need for bathroom maintenance. This toilet paper roll is individually packaged,
manufactured with Kleenex® quality, it is the perfect solution for installations where convenience and
resistance are essential.

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Kleenex® toilet papers are FSC-certified, which guarantees
that contain or are made from wood from FSC-certified forests.
These forests are managed to meet social needs,
and ecological sustainability of present and future generations. With the
European ecolabel.
Single sheet size: 12, 5 cm (L) x 9, 5 cm (W).
Small/black roll 96 rolls x 250 sheets of toilet paper
2-layer white (24000 in total).

1. 96 small rolls x 250 white 2-ply sheets (24000 in.)
2. This toilet paper is designed to dissolve in water, which makes it
that avoids clogging and reduces maintenance
3. Manufactured with Kleenex® quality, each packaged roll
4. 100% recycled fiber. FSC Certification
5. Manufactured with Kleenex® quality

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