KLEENEX® Large inter-folded hand towel paper


Large inter-folded hand towel – Lot of 15 packs of 124 double-ply hand towels

To feel at home, choose one of the most beloved brands: towels
Kleenex® hand dryer. Soft, folded hand towels with a large
size, for superior care in first-class washrooms.



Our unique Airflex technology achieves absorbency results that are
and freshness to carry out the tasks of the company.
necessary tasks. Intelligent interlocking design that dispenses a single
sheet, reducing waste and making it easier to use.
FSC certified andEuropean eco-label for environmental protection.
environment. Food contact certification.

Each box contains 15 packs of 124 2-ply sheets,
size 31.8 x 21.5 cm. 15 packs x 124 white 2-layer sheets.
(1860 in total).

1. Lot of 15 packs of 124 double layer hand towels
Ideal for crowded professional environments
(offices, hotels…).
2. Unsurpassed softness and comfort thanks to the reinforced thickness,
Airflex technology: exceptional absorption and resistance even in the most demanding environments
in a wet state.
3. Improved hygiene and reduced costs due to the use of
non-contact dispensing on a sheet-by-sheet basis.
4. European Ecolabel and FSC label: eco-responsible manufacturing
with paper from sustainably managed forests,
Certified for food contact
5. Contents: 15 packs of 124 hand towels (1,860 total),
Dimensions: Package (LxWxH): 21.5 cm x 10.6 cm x 13 cm,
Blade (LxW): 31.8 cm x 21.5 cm, Color: White, Art: 06778100
6. Ingenious interleaved design dispenses one unit of paper.
hand dryers at the same time, in order to improve hygiene in the workplace.
to reduce waste and provide cost-effectiveness, reduce

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