Scott® Essential™ Everyday Hand Cleansing Foam – Cartridge


With Scott® Essential™ hygienic hand soaps,
you can achieve good hand hygiene without compromising skin care. The subtly scented foam soap provides thorough and efficient hand cleaning and rinses faster than liquid hand soap, saving time and water.

6 cartridges of pink foam hand soap,
1 liter (6 liters total).


Enhance the grooming experience with family and home care solutions.
Scott® Essential™ washroom confidence, designed to help you deliver
hygiene standards in high-frequency environments without compromising quality.
and value. Scott® Essential™ Everyday Foaming Hand Soap is
designed for exceptional efficiency and ease of maintenance
in crowded toilets. Hypoallergenic, tested and enriched with moisturizing ingredients and
moisturizers, this commercial hand soap is hand-friendly and suitable for hand washing.
frequent hands.

These hygienically sealed hand soap refills with built-in pump
are designed to promote hygiene in the workplace with a new
clean nozzle each time the hand soap refill is changed.
Hand soap refills offer up to twice the number of washes per wash.
liter than conventional liquid hand soaps, which helps you to get the best results.
and to reduce the time required to
maintenance of the toilets.

Each foam soap refill provides 2500 doses per cartridge.
Kimberly-Clark™ Foam Soap refills are designed for a
quick and easy installation, where all you have to do is push until you hear a click,
and the hand soap cartridge can be changed in less than 6 seconds.
When the foam hand soap refill cartridge is empty,
can be compressed to save space and is fully recyclable once it has been
pump is removed. Toilet soap refills are compatible with our dispensers.

6 cartridges of pink foam hand soap,
1 liter (6 liters total

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