Scott® Facials – Standard White


Soft, strong and absorbent two-ply daily facial tissues are essential for any business.

21 cases x 100 sheets, 2-ply, white


Scott® facial tissues are FSC-certified, which guarantees that they contain or are made from wood.
from FSC-certified forests. These forests are managed to meet social, economic and environmental needs.
of present and future generations. With the European Ecolabel.

Packaged in a flat box designed to complement most environments.

100% recycled fiber.

Single sheet size: 21.5 cm (H) x 18.6 cm (W) x 18.6 cm (H)
cm (W). 21 cases x 100 sheets, 2 ply, white, size single sheet 21.5 cm (H) x 18.6 cm (W), (2100 total)

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