WypAll® Microfiber Cloths – Yellow 40 x 40 cm


WypAll® microfiber cloths are capable of absorbing up to 8 times their weight in liquid and are the reusable product of choice.
perfect for cleaning. With a service life of up to 300 washes, wipers are a more cost-effective option for professionals.
of the cleaning of crowded environments.

The microfiber of the cloths collects and traps dirt and moisture, and leaves the
clean, dry surfaces for less time-consuming cleaning, compared to cotton cloths that only need to be wiped on the surface.
move dirt and moisture around the site. It’s no wonder that WypAll® microfiber cloths are the product of choice for
preferred by cleaning professionals who demand the most efficient product possible.

Cloth size: 40 cm x 40 cm
4 packs x 6 yellow cloths (24 total)



Product features:

Technology: Microfiber

– 4 portable packs x 6 yellow cloths (24 total). Single sheet size: 40 cm (L) x40 cm (W)
– Perfect for cleaning professionals and for cleaning desks, surfaces, glass and mirrors with a spot-free finish.
– The cloths are reusable and can be washed up to 300 times without affecting performance.
– Four colors for easy separation of tasks, minimizing cross-contamination.
– Packaged in splash-proof, water-repellent polyethylene bags; immediate access to hygienically protected wipes in your work area.

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